Food to Enjoy on Dates in Different Countries


Food is enjoyed in different varieties around the world. If you are going on a date with a special someone then you should make sure to try the local delicacies.

– The typical dish in Spain: the patatas tortilla. It is a thick omelet made from potatoes. Onion, salt and pepper and you just have to eat! Paella, chorizo, and sangria are also typical Spanish dishes. All these dishes can be enjoyed in the form of tapas.

– The typical dish in Italy: pasta. All pasta dishes are very popular with Italians. The “first course” is often composed of pasta with Bolognese sauce, cannelloni or lasagna. Risotto, gnocchi and minestrone soup are also Italian culinary specialties.

– The typical dish in Portugal: bacalhau in Brás. This Portuguese meal based on cod, onions, potatoes and eggs is offered on every street corner.

– The typical dish in Ireland: the Irish stew. This Irish stew is served in most traditional restaurants in Dublin and Ireland.

– The typical dish of England: Fish and chips. A simple menu consisting of fish wrapped in crisp breadcrumbs and fries. A slice of lemon will accompany this traditional English dish.

– The typical dish in Greece: moussaka. It is a rich and complete dish cooked in the oven with minced meat, with eggplants and bechamel. To enjoy good Greek cuisine, I also advise you to taste mezze, tzatziki, hummus, Kalamata olives and Feta cheese.

– The typical dish in Russia: the borscht. This beetroot, cabbage, and beef soup is a must-have Russian dish, just like caviar, stuffed cabbage, and herring.

– The typical dish in Turkey: the böreks. These are salty pastries made from börek leaves (similar to brick leaves) and stuffed with cheese, spinach and minced meat. The kebab is also very popular. Finally, Turkish delight and Baklava are popular Turkish desserts.

– The typical dish in Lebanon: hummus. It is a puree of chickpeas with oil or sesame cream. Always based on chickpeas, falafel is also a typical Lebanese dish.

– The typical dish in India: the tandoori chicken. You have to add yogurt and spices to the chicken fillets to make this dish. The lamb tikka masala is also an essential Indian recipe. The curry is the spices are widely used in India.

– The typical dish in China: the duck lacquered. It is often accompanied by raw vegetables. Among the main Chinese meals, you can also taste spring rolls, caramel pork, pineapple chicken, noodles, Cantonese rice, marinated beef with spices and tea.

– The typical dish in Japan: sashimi. It is a dish based on slices of raw fish, which is often eaten with rice. Sushi makes us think of Japanese cuisine, but these small canapés of vinegar rice and raw fish are not the most popular dishes in this country.